3D Mic Pro brings high-quality surround sound to film makers

Posted on Aug 4 2011 - 6:45pm by Julius

What makes a good film stand out from the rest? Its not the lenses that they used in cameras and definitely not the expensive special effects used. Its the quality of sound.

Sound is very important to film making, in some ways more than the video itself. It is important because it fills out the gaps of what we see on the screen. Producing high quality sound needs expensive, professional grade microphones that can record audio that is close to real life.

A Silicon Valley computer technology veteran named Suomya Mitra came up with a microphone that records sound in 3D called the 3D Mic Pro.

The 3D Mic Pro brings the depth of surround sound in devices like smarphones and MP3 players that allows musicians, indie film makers and videographers to track immersive sound for their video productions and demo CDs. The mic enables users to record sound without having to use multiple microphones and complex audio mixing.

The mic, which can be connected to any audio recorders or video cameras that have a Mic, Line, or XLR input, uses patent pending technology to capture immersive sound that a normal stereo mic can not.

Unlike most video mics, the 3D Mic Pro is perfect for recording live musical performance. According to its website, it can be used for a variety of applications, like live performances, ambient nature sounds, interviews and podcasts.

The Mitra 3D Mic Pro is a very helpful tool for film makers in capturing high quality ambient sounds. It is available on Amazon for $995. You can watch the mic in action here.


via: Gizmodo

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