3D Printers Can Now Be Used to Print off Sesame Street Characters

Posted on May 23 2014 - 9:41am by Julius

We all know by now that 3D printing has got a lot of benefits to offer the world.

From human limbs to Braille phones, the number of useful things can be printed out in this way seems almost limitless. Of course, what we really want to use this cutting edge technology for is to print off models of our favourite Sesame Street characters. Isn’t it?

The people at 3D printing company MakerBot certainly think so. They are going to be brining a range of downloadable figures to their digital store.

A Small Figurine for 77p


The bad news is that there is currently only one character available for 3D printing. The good news is that it is our old friend Mr Snuffleupagus. More are expected in time. The first character to be made available in this way takes around 3 hours to print and costs just 77p. It is a small figurine that would fit into the palm of most people’s hand.

So what will the 3D printing industry mean for traditional toy makers and sellers? At the moment, there is no real impact but we can expect that as more people own these printers and use them we will be able to see so some sort of effect on toy sales.

The Mr Snuffleupagus model can be printed off on a couple of the 3D printers made by MakerBot. These are the 5th generation of the Replicator and the Replicator 2.

It has also been reported that the Walt Disney Company will soon be bringing out a 3D printer that can be used to print off toys at home.

Would you like to print off toys at home?

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