3D TVs destined for pubs

Posted on Mar 18 2010 - 9:45am by simon

It looks as though 3D sports games could be with the general public sooner than anticipated, after a deal between satellite TV firm Sky and electronics manufacturer LG was announced.

Sky has ordered 15,000 3D TVs with the intention of giving them to pubs, clubs and bars in order to get the 3D revolution going with live sporting events popping out of the screen at punters.

Sky 3D will be available for public display from April 2010 and it is the 47 inch versions of LG’s LD920 televisions that are under order at the moment. Over the next few weeks these could therefore be winging their way to one of your local drinking establishments.

The first 3D broadcast took place in February and the journalists and fans present were in two minds as to how well the technology worked in real life. However, Sky has obviously been given confidence by this test run and 3D TV is being geared up for a full launch next month.

LG will not be selling its first batch of 3D TVs to UK consumers until May, but with Sky supporting its technology it will soon become the brand most closely associated with 3D sport by football fans everywhere.

Anyone looking to get 3D television in their own homes could have to wait until 2011 if some pessimistic observers are to be believed, although Sky thinks that it can push through its first few 3D channels by the autumn. Anyone interested in 3D TV may want to start saving up now.

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