5 Unexpected and Frankly Unbelievable Mobile Phone Claims

Posted on Nov 5 2012 - 8:47pm by Robert

Sometimes there is just nothing you can do to stop your mobile phone being damaged, is there? However, in other situations you could have done so by simply not being a complete plonker.

Here are the top 5 unusual mobile phone insurance claim reasons received by the mobileinsurance site in the last year.

Inside a Cow

A Devon farmer had a cow that was going to give birth but was having some problems. Clearly he needed some light to help him bring out the calves, and since he had his iPhone handy it seemed to make sense to use the torch on it. He didn’t expect to lose it inside the animal though, did he?

Cake Time

A lady from Nottingham was making a sponge cake and her phone was lying around. Anyone could then have made the mistake of putting the phone into the oven with the cake, we suppose.

Blooming Seagull

Barry Island beach is the scene of our next mobile mishap. A lady was minding her own business there when a technology conscious seagull dived down and grabbed her Samsung Galaxy.

Pleasure the BlackBerry Way

Ahem. A young Bristol lady decided to use the vibrate function on her BlackBerry for, shall we say, a rather more earthly pleasure than that of receiving phone calls. Phones just aren’t designed to stand up to such abuse, don’t you know?

Almost down the Toilet

A construction worker went to the toilet and did what most of us do and pulled down his trousers. Thankfully our phones don’t usually fall into the toilet like his did. It didn’t flush away but it didn’t exactly come up smelling of roses either.

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