60 Million Apple App Downloads

Posted on Aug 12 2008 - 4:06am by Richard Sharp

Apple App StoreApple is already boasting a staggering 60 million downloads from the Apple App Store, only a month or so after it was first opened to us public types. While many of these downloads have been of free software and applications, Steve Jobs is also bragging a substantial revenue from the new service showing that iPhone owners clearly want more applications and are willing to pay the pounds to get them.

Equivalent to half a million pounds a day, the service has already made about £15m in sales for the commercial applications available. No matter how you look at it, and whatever your opinions on the product or products in question, that’s one hell of a lot of sales for such an immature service (in terms of its age, not appeal).

The Apple App Store enables iPhone users to buy applications that can be run on the iPhone. The new service was released last month and can be used by owners of either of the iPhone models. This just goes to show the increased willingness we have to spend money and convert our mobile phones into multifunctional portable devices.

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