7 Apps to Look for in the New Apple Mac App Store

Posted on Jan 7 2011 - 6:41pm by Paul

The unveiling of Apple’s new Mac App Store has been talked about and waited upon for a long time. The opening of this new store was announced by Apple back in October and we have been waiting since then to see when it happens and what apps are on offer at what price. Now that it has been opened to coincide with the CES 2011 we will have a look at some of the top apps you will find there.   

  1. Twitter for Mac 2. This beauty has caught a lot of people’s attentions at the Las Vegas show and has given us a much needed improvement on the original app. It is free at the Apple Mac Store.
  2. Angry Birds. If you have played this great game on the iPad then you will be delighted to see that it is very similar to the existing game, although to be fair some new levels wouldn’t have gone amiss. It costs $4.99.
  3. Courier. This isn’t a new app as such but it has dropped in price for the launch of the new store. For $4.99 you can share your content using social media.
  4. MiStat. This very nicely presented app lets you very quickly and simply check all the stats on your system. It costs $4.99.
  5. Chopper 2. Another classic arcade style game. It has been put on offer at $0.99, which strikes me as being an initial offer price for the opening of the store. You can use your iPhone as a wireless controller if you like
  6. Fun Booth. If you like messing about with pictures then this app lets you do just that. It’s a fun little piece of software that costs $0.99
  7. iLife. This app has been split out from the original iLife, and you can now pick from one of three different programs instead of the one combined app which was previously available. The cost for each one is $14.99.

Which one will you be buying from the new store?

Visit the UK Mac App Store

Or the US Version

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