A new Sonic the Hedgehog game in the works says Sega rep

Posted on Jul 1 2011 - 10:37am by Julius

With the games ‘Sonic and the Secret Rings’ and its sequel ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’ out in the market, reports say both are part of a trilogy and a third game is on its way.

According to a representative from Sega Mexico in a public chat, the Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic and the Secret Ring games are “part of a trilogy of Sonic titles with the characters involved in fantastic stories.” When he was corrected about the current number of games in existence, he said: “No, it’ll be a trilogy, just you wait.”

Then the representative contacted TSSZ News and said: “I want to tell you that the comments on the chat that I made yesterday were misinterpretations by the users and listeners from the website … I’ve no access to this kind of information in any way.” The original report, along with the chat log, has been removed, at the representative’s request.

This is not the first time a Sega representative leaked a Sonic game. Back in October 2010, Sonic Generations was leaked, in a surprisingly similar way, as Sonic Anniversary.

If the story is indeed true, it doesn’t mean that the third Sonic storybook game will be released on the Nintendo Wii. Sonic could be speeding over to the Wii U to complete the saga. Meanwhile, the Sega rep has hinted that a new Sonic game will be released on the 3DS. When he was asked about a game starring Tails, Sonic’s sidekick, he said: “Something like a Sonic Adventure 3…DS? I think that would be a great idea.”


via: CVG

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