A Talking Globe That Takes You on an Audio Filled World Tour

Posted on Oct 25 2012 - 9:10pm by Robert

Didn’t you just love globes and atlases when you were a kid? Ok, maybe not but there is a new concept out there which you are probably going to enjoy a lot more than standing up in front of the class and trying to pinpoint Borneo or blooming Popocatepetl.

The genius behind the audio globe (yes, audio globe) is called Yuri Suzuki. He travelled the world with a Dictaphone and spent 3 years collecting sounds from all over the planet. Now he has made this into a globe which includes the, well, the Sounds of the Earth we suppose.

Basically, the globe is called The Sounds of the Earth and gives you a half hour audio tour of the planet Earth. It works like a vinyl record, with the needle passing over certain countries and producing the sounds which Suzuki recorded while he was there.

Songs and Broadcasts from All over the Place

For example, the Russian segment has the national anthem being sung and the Japanese one has a train announcement on it. According to the artist most of the tracks cover either folk music, pop songs, broadcasts or spoken word sections. It is just a prototype and the crazy chap with the Dictaphone plans to keep travelling and recording so be sure to look out for him on your travels.

If you check out the YouTube video you will see that the design doesn’t work perfectly yet and that it skips certain parts. Yuri Suzuki has worked on other interesting audio projects in the past and you might have seen his radio which was made out of a circuit board which recreated the map of the London Tube.

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