A Wireless Router Without A Single Green LED – Belkin N1 Vision

Posted on Apr 28 2008 - 12:43am by Richard Sharp

Belking N1 Vision Wireless RouterOK, first things first – I’m a complete nerd and an unashamed geek when it comes to home networking. It’s truly one of my big loves in life, although such is the way with home networking equipment that it can also pretty quickly become on of my biggest waking nightmares.

The fact is that you can pay a fortune for pretty much any gadget and then struggle endlessly to actually understand just what it’s supposed to do.

Then, at the other end of the spectrum, are the absolutely essential items that make your home network tick but are far less glamorous. Typically, this lack of glamour means we pay much less heed to their features and trimmings.

The wireless router is one such glaring example. A bad one will limit your download speed and make connecting any device more than 3 feet away a near impossibility.

And, as for the blinking lights, just what are they trying to communicate to us? They serve, in most cases, to do little more than cast an eerie glow around the back of the television.

The Belkin N1 Wireless Router is different. In fact, it’s almost worth getting excited about because it does a damn good job at letting you wirelessly hook up your 802.11n home network. It also does away with the front room illuminations, and replaces them with a genuinely useful display.

The display shows you your current broadband speed (please don’t start me on how irritated I get over advertised and actual broadband speeds), your bandwidth usage, and the status of any and all connected devices. What’s more, it does it without the inclusion of a single green LED.

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