Adhoc Foldable Canoe: excellent for water adventures

Posted on Aug 1 2011 - 5:12pm by Robert

For those people who love going to camp at the lakeside or seaside but have to deal with the hassles of bringing a bulky canoe, Tsor Design Studio have come up with a very handy solution.

Israeli designer Ori Levin of Tsor Design Studio created the Adhoc Folding Canoe, a foldable take-away canoe that fits into a normal backpack. The Adhoc Canoe is just 13 x 23 x 70 centimeters and weights a measly 4.1 kilos (about 9 lbs). The canoe’s frame is made from carbon fiber, while the hull is crafted from Aramid, which is a heat resistant fabric commonly used in racing sails and body armors. Because of these materials, the Adhoc Foldable Canoe is not only lightweight, but it can also withstand excessive punishment.

There is a corner lock that keeps the telescopic poles locked and a parasol-like mechanism in the middle that keeps the overall structure maintained.

Unpacking the lightweight canoe is easy. It just takes around five minutes to assemble, and when you have to fold it back, the process might even take you faster. It is very useful as it is a lot quicker to assemble than those rubber inflatable rafts. Though you can use air canisters to inflate them faster, the Adhoc Foldable Canoe is still the better choice if every second of you time is important.

There is no word yet if the canoe will go into production, but with the materials used, we expect it to be a little expensive.


via: Design Boom

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