Alien Reverse Engineered Tech From NASA Used To Create Zavvi Shopping App

Posted on Sep 21 2010 - 11:03pm by Matt Jackson

Ever been wandering around the shops when you see an mp3 player or a DVD that you really want but would rather buy it online? Or, maybe you see a billboard poster advertising the latest XBox 360 or PS3 release and you want to enjoy some of the best prices you can get while getting your hands on a copy.

Well, the iPhone app enables you to do exactly that. It’s the latest in a long list of technologies (which includes double glazed windows and mattress toppers) to boast NASA based created technology and it can identify thousands of consumer products simply by sight.

Take a photo of the item or title that you’re interested in and it will not only determine what it is but will enable you to place your order online via the website.

First off, what exactly are NASA developing that requires double glazing, mattress toppers, and consumer product recognition? Or, have they in fact made contact with another species and are reverse engineering all of their best tech on the quiet a la Transformers and various other sci-fi movies?

Beyond the whole NASA thing, this is a handy application that will run on your iPhone and is ideal for those that prefer to do their shopping online ensuring that they get the best deal. The zavvi app will even offer you discount codes where available and they offer free shipping across the country.

We strongly advise that you don’t use the app on products that you see other people using, unless you know them of course. We’re not sure that “we wanted to buy one off” is a reasonable defence when accused of pinching somebody’s iPod touch or lifting the latest copy of Halo Reach from a young child’s sweaty palms.

What are NASA doing?

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