Amazon 7-inch tablet coming before the holiday season

Posted on Sep 5 2011 - 11:00am by Julius

No one has actually seen nor touched an Amazon Android-powered tablet PC, but it has been creating lots of talks all year long. No one, until M.G. Seigler from TechCrunch did just recently.

Seigler managed to get his hands on one of the tablet’s Design Verification Testing versions and according to him, the tablet is going to be “on many people’s holiday wish-list this year.” According to Seigler after playing around with the Amazon tablet for about an hour, the device is going to look like BlackBerry’s Playbook in terms of form factor. The tablet will have a 7-inch display and will run on a customized Android version and according to the writer, the operating system looks nothing like the usual Android interface.

Only a few details were given for the device’s hardware. While the 10-inch version of the tablet is said to run on a dual-core processor, the smaller tablet is said to run on a single-core processor, which is pretty much acceptable for its size. It will only have 6 GB of internal storage and its battery life should last around 10 hours. The Amazon 7-inch tablet doesn’t have a camera and Seigler did not find any SD card slot anywhere.

The tablet will not feature Google applications and instead of using the Android Market to download apps, users will have to use the Amazon App Store. It will also use the Kindle app for reading ebooks, Amazon’s Instant Video Player for playing movies and Amazon cloud player for playing music.

Amazon’s 7-inch tablet is said to compete with Barnes & Noble’s NOOK color and will have a price tag of $250. It is expected to be released before the holiday season.


via: TechCrunch

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