Amazon Offers 3D Printing Store

Posted on Jul 31 2014 - 3:27pm by Paul

Anyone who wants a simple introduction to the world of 3D printing will we pleased to see that Amazon has launched a 3D printing store.

This new store gives customers access to a big variety of products that are ready to get brought to life through the magic of 3D printing. The Amazon store looks as though it will offer one of the biggest internet collections of 3D printing material.

It will be possible to customise the size, the colour, the style and the materials used in the products in this store. It is expected that the items on offer will cover things such as toys, decorations, accessories and jewellery.

A Shift in Online Retail


Petra Schindler-Carter is the Director of Amazon Marketplace sales and she says that the start up of the 3D Printed Products store is a sign of the “shift in online retail”, as they look to provide a more “immersive customer experience”.

She went on to say that the store will let them help “sellers, designers and manufacturers” to reach out to potentially millions of new customers as part of a “fun and creative customer experience”.

The personalisation aspect comes in through the use of a widget that can be used to easily make changes to the product being chosen. This is said to be simple, even if the customer has no experience in designing 3D models for printing purposes.

To make changes the customer can just rotate the product around a full 360 degrees in a 3D environment. It can then be modified from any of the angles, printed and then delivered to them.

Would you like to print off customised products through 3D printing?

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