Amazon to launch its own smartphone next year

Posted on Nov 20 2011 - 3:17pm by Robert

Online retail giant Amazon may be releasing its own smartphone in the future if an analyst report is accurate. Amazon may be looking to make it easier for consumers to purchase its digital content and tangible goods using their smartphones.

According to Mark Mahaney of Citigoup’s research department, an Amazon smartphone could be ready for release in late 2012. He also said that Chinese electronics supplier Foxconn International is developing a smartphone with the company.

“With the clear success of the Kindle e-reader over the past three years, and Kindle Fire possibly succeeding in the low-priced tablet market, we view this as the next logical step for Amazon,” wrote Mahaney in a note. “Amazon has set its eyes on the mobile, including tablet, media and product consumption, frontier.”

A smartphone will be a logical addition to the company’s device lineup that includes a line of e-book readers and a 7-inch tablet. Amazon could increase revenue as it will be easier for users to buy content or programs from their webs store.

Mahaney added that the smartphone will adopt Texas Instrument’s OMAP 4 processor and it is likely to have the dual mode 6-series standalone baseband from QCOM, as it has been a long-time supplier for Amazon’s e-readers.

Citigroup suggested that the smartphone will cost $150 to $170 to build, and its price wouldn’t stray too far from that amount. The analyst also suggested that the phone will run Google’s Android mobile operating system.


via: The Telegraph

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