Amazon To Release More Hardware?

Posted on Aug 12 2010 - 10:30am by Matt Jackson

Following the succes of the Amazon Kindle, it has been reported (by the New York Times at least) that the Lab 126 division of Amazon which is responsible for the manufacture of their hardware devices, is gearing up to create new ranges that go beyond the ebook readers already popularised with the world. The whole report is based on some job openings with Lab 126 and it could just be that the company is looking for Supply Chain Managers and Engineers to help launch and improve newer versions of the hardware but you never know.

E-books are really only a small portion of the digital content portfolio that Amazon boasts and you can also download music and videos. This means that the move from ebook reader to multimedia player and handheld music and movie players may well make sense and now they’ve got their manufcturing toe wet by dipping it in the waters of success you can’t help but feel that the etailer giant may well be gearing up for bigger and better things.

There’s even a games on demand service that lets you download digital games so the possibilities are¬†certainly not limited. There could be mp3 players, mp4 players, Tivo like set top boxes, and even tablet PCs from Amazon coming our way very soon.

However, the New York Times has quashed the mild rumour that Amazon will attempt to win the smartphone wars by releasing its own model. Apparently the company has decided against the idea of a turf battle for that particular crown – although, if they enjoy success with another device then they could well change their mind and you could see the Amazonia smartphone on shelves one day.

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