Android Beats Apple OS in Recent Sales Hike

Posted on Oct 12 2010 - 11:19pm by Richard Sharp

An in depth study by isuppli has shown that Android has gained huge strides against Apple during the second quarter of the year with their market share increasing with each new phone and tablet.

The biggest winner has undoubtedly been HTC, the T3 brand of the year makes Android based phone for Verizon wireless and has proved to be a big hit in the UK, Europe and US alike.  The amount of handsets sold increased by 63% which in turn raised their market share 8% in the second quarter alone.

Samsung, who has had major success with their Android based Galaxy line came in a close second with shipments increasing a substantial 56%.

One of the main reasons Android is increasing in popularity is the free use and integration of new and powerful Google apps, LG has recently introduced full integration of Google apps across their Optimus and Chic mobile phones.

Android OS increased market share - will the robots take over?

Android OS increased market share - will the robots take over?

Apple aren’t about to lay down and die though, their shipments declined 4%, that said the isuppli report predicts more phones will use Android than the  Apple OS by 2012.

Another report by Gartner has predicted Android will now start to claw their way to the world’s most popular OS Symbian, Nokia who has struggled in the last year also showed a small amount of growth reversing their declining trend. The research firm predicts the total android share by 2014 will be 30% with Symbian dropping from 40% by 10% within 4 years.

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