Android Schools Apple in Free App Statistics

Posted on Apr 28 2011 - 4:22pm by Thomas Sharp

Android not only has more handsets than Apple’s iOS but now their app store possesses more free apps too according to recent research by Distimo. Apple’s app store currently has 121,845 free games compared to the Android market which has 134,342, so a slim gap which is likely to grow over the coming months according to the research.

Distimo says that the real growth will occur over the summer with the eventual take over of paid apps occurring in autumn as developers cash in on the increasing number of Android devices which now obviously include tablets. Phandroid noted that although the Android market has more free apps, ‘a lot of it’s junk’ which could account for the hyper growth, that said it’s still an achievement that has gathered considerable momentum.

They also discovered that the number of apps designed specifically for the iPad has skyrocketed over the past few months. There are now nearly 35,000 apps built solely for the iPad with a further 40,000 capable of dual use on the iPhone or iPad which shows the impact both the iPad and iPad 2 have had on Apple’s own app store.

In comparison the research graph showed how the Mac app store was distinctly lacking free apps when the research was taken, not surprising really when you consider just how young it is. We wonder how the graph will look in a couple of month’s time.


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