Android Wearable Technology to Come Soon?

Posted on Mar 13 2014 - 8:11pm by Robert

If you are an Android fan then you could soon be wearing a lot of your technology.

Google has recently announced that it is bringing out a software development kit which will allow more Android wearable technology to be produced. This could include the likes of smart watches using the Android platform.

A quote attributed to Sundar Pichai – the senior vice president of Android, Chrome and apps at Google – states that the company is looking to develop a “set of common protocols” which will allow different devices to work together perfectly. It is expected that the kit will be made available to developers in the next couple of weeks.

The Case of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch


Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was originally produced using a version of Android. However, it was then moved over the Tizen platform for the Gear 2 watch, due to issues with the battery life and the interface.

Up until now the Google Glass product remains the main piece of wearable technology produced by the firm.  Many analysts think that wearable technology is going to be the next big thing. Google is likely to bring out its own products, while they will also enable other companies to bring out their devices using Android.

It seems clear that the battle between Apple’s iOS system and Android will continue from the smartphone and tablet market into wearable technology as well. Apple is said to be developing an iOS based smartwatch which would be in direct competition to any Android watches which are produced.

Would you be interested in wearing Android technology?

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