Angry Birds Knock On Wood brings the popular app to life

Posted on Jul 21 2011 - 8:52pm by Julius

Angry Birds has become one of the most popular games of all time. Since it was released two years ago, this highly-addictive iPhone app is still the No.1 best selling paid app. Now, an Ice Age-style feature film is being created just to prove how successful this franchise is.

According to Panjiva, a company that tracks shipments to the US, Angry Birds-related goods have increased 500 percent in the last five months.

Talking about how Angry Birds products will be hot sellers, Panjuva CEO Josh Green said, “I have to say it could be a pretty good bet.”

Toy maker Mattel released its Angry Birds Knock On Wood game in May and it was instantly a hit. The company said it had to increase its production to meet the game’s increasing demands.

“I was introduced to the Angry Birds by colleagues of mine. Then I learned that my nine-year old nephew is already a fan,” said Green. “This is a brand whose popularity cuts across all ages.”

The game involves building a structure that is drawn on the “Mission Cards,” which lists number and kinds of birds to be used and the components needed to build the pig-infested structure. Players can claim points by knocking down all the pigs by using a catapult that launches the birds. The points you get depends on the difficulty of the missions.

The designers of the Angry Birds game created a fun game that keeps the original theme intact. Fans of the game series will enjoy playing this with their friends.


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