Angry Birds Online Version to Land On Facebook in April

Posted on Mar 5 2011 - 10:41pm by Thomas Sharp

Fans of Angry Birds and Facebook rejoice as the two giants in their respective fields are set to join forces meaning gamers will finally be able to play the game online for the first time. Rovio’s hit mobile game has been in the top five iOS games for as long as we can remember and has been wildly popular on the Android too – the next logical steps are for it to come out on consoles and Facebook, both of which will happen in the near future., an authority site specialising in the world’s largest social network, says that the online version will roll out as a Facebook App in April – exciting times ahead. The news came by way of Jackie Cohen who said that the update was put up on the official Facebook page, we checked it out and sure enough Rovio promises social features. It’s a smart move for the company who will hope to lock into the 500+ million user base Facebook has.

There will be new content and challenges to be faced on the new version too, Cohen explained that the pigs will take on a much more ‘prominent’ role in the Facebook version of the game with many speculating there could be a version where players take on the role of the pigs – it would be nice to see the story from their side for once.

Some exciting news ahead then, are you looking forward to an official online version of Angry Birds?

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