Apple Announces iOS 10 updates

Posted on Jun 21 2016 - 2:59pm by Robert

Apple recently told the world about their upcoming iOS 10 updates.

This happened at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. While there are no major changes on the way, there are 10 key points listed by Apple for the new software, while will be available in September.

Among the most important changes to look out for is the new approach to notifications, with lock screen notifications and a fresh look overall.  Developers will also get to access Siri, which could lead to some big changes for the digital assistant.

Autocorrect on your keyboard is also going to be smarter, with Siri intelligence getting added to it. Another interesting change to come on the iOS 10 updates is with the new Photos app that is going to offer smart tagging and recognition ability.

The operating system’s Maps tool is also getting improved. As well as looking better, it is going to become more proactive, offering restaurant suggestions and traffic information.

Calling Gets Better Too

ios 10 updates

Do you still use your mobile for – gasp! – phoning people? If you do then you will be pleased to see that the calling experience is being enhanced for iOS 10. This includes voicemail transcriptions and better contact cards.

Apple devices will also get an updated Apple News app. It will now look more like a newspaper and will also send news alerts to your lock screen. A new Home app will also be introduced, to let you control your HomeKit devices easily.

Another welcome change with iOS 10 is that Apple Music is going to look better and be easier to use, There will also be embedded lyrics and curated daily playlist recommendations to look out for.

Finally, the popular Messages app will get photo previews, improved emoji and a bubble effects feature too.

Do you think that these changes are going to convince you to move to an Apple phone?

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