Apple Buys for Cloud Based iTunes

Posted on Apr 28 2011 - 3:47pm by Richard Sharp

People are always talking about the next big thing in tech with one of the hottest topics at the moment being cloud storage. Apple is rumoured to be preparing a cloud based ‘music locker’ which would extend users iTunes library into cyberspace so it could be accessed anywhere with a data connection. The latest development suggests that Apple could call this service iCloud, kind of makes sense when you think about it.

Why iCloud?

Despite the lack of imagination the name iCloud does stick with the strong branding enjoyed by Apple, it seems if you stick an ‘i’ in front of any word it automatically brands it as the next best thing sliced bread, hmm iSlicedBread – see it just sounds better.

The company who formally owned has confirmed that they have sold their domain and subsequently rebranded their cloud based storage solution to, which is suspiciously similar to MobileMe – perhaps they are hoping to pull the same trick again.

If rumours are true then the domain was sold to Apple for $4.5 million, that’s roughly £2.7 million pounds.

What will iCloud bring?

Apple will allow users to store their music and files in the ‘cloud’, an online storage space that can be accessed via iTunes or any compatible device anywhere in the world providing they have a data connection. This would mean music is secure and devices would need less storage space as it could be grabbed on the fly from the server.

Does iCloud sound like a good name to you?

Source: Apple insider


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