Apple iOS 5 Jailbroken within 24 hours of Beta Release

Posted on Jun 7 2011 - 3:14pm by Robert

Apple produced a triple threat of updates yesterday during their keynote speech at WWDC 2011, one of the major parts of the presentations was the unveiling of iOS 5. Apple proudly handed over the new version to developers, less than 24 hours later Engadget has announced that @musclenerd has jailbroken iOS 5 already.

Musclenerd reports that limera1n and a tethered boot was used to jailbreak iOS 5, which can be seen running Lydia in the above picture. We are not sure if this is a record time for jail breaking iOS, but it has to be very close.

limera1n uses a bootrom exploit to jailbreak the iPod touch, at this stage Apple has no way  of controlling this exploit on the iPod touch. They have seemingly achieved this with the iPad 2 although we doubt it will be long before that is jailbroken too.

This current version of Limera1an will be made available after iOS 5 goes live in autumn, although Apple may have plugged the holes exploited by then anyway. It’s an ongoing battle with neither side willing to give in – we are sure there will be many twists and turns before iOS 5 actually gets released.

Did you think iOS would be jailbroken so quickly, or was it inevitable?

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