Apple iPad 2 £199 with T-Mobile and Orange

Posted on Mar 24 2011 - 3:26pm by Richard Sharp

Apple will officially release their long awaited iPad 2 tablet tomorrow, at 5pm consumers will flood their glass clad shops in a bid to pick up either a Wi-Fi or 3G second gen tablet. Other retailers will also begin the roll out the iPad 2 at the same time with many networks offering cheaper deals if you agree to a 24 month contract.

Both T-mobile and Orange will offer the 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G for £199 up front to existing customers. The only catch being a two year data contract costing £25 per month. For that users will receive 1GB of anytime data plus an extra 1GB of off peak data. The overall cost would therefore be £799 over the two years – this is around £50 dearer than if you bought a sim free iPad 2 with O2’s equivalent data plan.

New customers will have to pay £229 and £27 per month for the same deal resulting in a total bill of £887.

Admittedly this isn’t quite as attractive but will still tempt people who are unwilling or unable to shell out the lump sum needed for the sim free version.

Are you going to purchase an iPad 2? Will you be opting for a sim free or subsidised version? (or indeed a Wi-Fi or categorical none of the above thanks).

iPad 2 subsidised

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