Apple iPad 2 2010 Rumours Round up

Posted on Dec 26 2010 - 3:26pm by Richard Sharp

Speculation surrounding the Apple iPad 2 has been rife over the last couple of weeks, Apple has been filing all sorts of patents. First there was the carbon fibre back, then the slide out keyboard, various indicators of dual cameras and a spate of silicone cases to support speculation of new USB and SD ports.

However, the rumours are just that – rumours. There are certain things that can be counted on, Apple like other big brands are known for routine and famed for keeping things that work, so although the iPad 2 will include some cool new updates expect some of the best bits to be gleaned from the existing iPhone 4. It is only fair when you consider the iPad borrowed a few bits and bobs from the iPhone.

For complete details we will have to wait until the iPad 2 is officially unveiled, expect slick straight lines similar to the iPhone 4, a light weight body, retina display, duel cameras and perhaps a size more familiar to Samsung Galaxy Tab owners. Some people are calling for a smaller size, not us though. If rumours are true Apple could start rolling out the iPad 2 in April 2011.

So that’s the pick of the iPad 2 rumours, we are sure there will be more – perhaps even before the year is out. What’s your favourite rumour and which one do you really hope is included?

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  1. Mike December 29, 2010 at 1:51 am - Reply

    Well i really hope this rumored release date is wrong.

    I've been expecting to buy the new 2nd Gen IPAD at the end of JAN 2011 or first week in Feb 2011.

    Damn it, i'll really be pissed if this release date is remotely accurate, i can barely wait another week let alone 3 months.

    Ya' know this is the only thing i can't stand about Apple, they never give release dates with hardware, they even caused a big headache for me when i bought my most recent IMAC.

    At first i had to settle for the older model intel mac with the 2.6ghz, 2gb ram, 500gb hard drive, because the newer ones that had the specs i really wanted which was

    3.06ghz, 1 Terabyte hard drive, 4gb ram did not have a release date, so i paid almost $200 more for my ram to be upgraded to 4gb and then less than 2 weeks later the new model IMAC's came out.

    I was furious i called up the apple store and screamed at them, that if i had known a release date i would've waited for the newer model because it had the specs i wanted for the same money i spent.

    Well luckily they sympathized with me and allowed me to pack up my recently purchased IMAC and switch it for the newer one.

    I didn't want this to happen again, i don't want to lose patience with Apple and just give in and buy the current IPAD model and then the new one comes out weeks or a month later.

    Why can't they announce release dates with pre-orders, the console developers do it, i'm waiting, i don't give a damn, i just hope it's sooner than later because april 2011 would really suck.

  2. B. January 1, 2011 at 2:23 am - Reply

    I ditto with you Mike. I have a pending situation where I must pick a replacement product before my warranty runs out in April. hoping on the iPad 2.

  3. John January 1, 2011 at 5:42 am - Reply

    Well Mike,

    I really hope for your sake (and a lot of others) that the old man (Steve) delivers early. However, since Apple owns the tablet market right now, I wouldn't bet on it. There is really no good reason for them to change their tradition and update earlier than a year. I admire your strength to wait it out…. I tried really hard but ended up caving in. After accessing my real needs and current hardware….including an iphone 4 I decided the current model was plenty adequate for my needs.

    I think expectations are so high for something radically better….truth is that the current ipad is practically perfect. Retina display….doubtful given the current cost. Ipad I is already fairly high res screen. They might bump it up a bit but don't expect too much. Camera(s) will be nice but hell….I barely use Facetime on my iphone 4 and thats the main reason I had to have it.

    Old Steve is a master of hype and so its created a situation unfortunately that leaves a lot of people dissatisfied.

    Practically, my main desire is for them to keep tweeking the iOS to make it more user friendly….as you use it you will undoubtedly be able to keep a list of minor improvements that would be nice and make life easier.

    Ipad I has changed the way I do computers and mainly made web access so much more comfortable. Ipad II will have to be like super freaky crazy to convince me to

    upgrade so fast. I'm really enjoying my honeymoon with my ipad I and im not to anxious to end it.

    Odds are, the ipad 1 will be a priceless antique 50 (but definately 100) years from now…in retrospect we will all understand what a leap forward it constituted. So there is no way I am selling mine….ever.

    Hope this helps, Feelin your pain. -John

  4. HoldenSF January 5, 2011 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    John, I completely disagree with you that the current iPad is essentially perfect. You bought early, good for you. Don't try to drag other into your decision when something better is on the horizon – especially when the new tablets on the market already run circles around the current iPad in terms of features. I'm not an Apple hater — I'll probably get an iPad when the new one comes out – if it competes.

    More importantly, you, B., and Mike wonder why Steve Jobs does not announce release dates far in advance for future generations of products? You really don't understand? Seriously?

    Okay, let me break it down…maybe Apple is interested in selling the current model for the next three months (that's a quarter year for those keeping score). Let me know if you have any questions.

  5. JOHN January 5, 2011 at 5:57 pm - Reply


    Thanks for your feedback. You're right in that everybody's needs and wants are different. For those wanting a product that competes with the Macbook Air or want a complete netbook replacement you're absolutely correct that it isn't that advanced yet. Its sort of a new genre of computer that is still searching for a strong identity.

    For my uses, I haven't found any major complaint or omission. It has freed me from having to be stuck at my desk and/or lug my clunky MacBook all over the house, in the bed even. It makes keeping up with online activities remarkably simple and easy and is the ultimate ultra-portable since the iPhone/iPod touch. Over time I would also like to see improved screen resolution, camera, memory and processing power and battery life but its really very zippy already.

    There are infinite improvements that can and will be made in the Apple Product line. I think we'll eventually see an iPad convertible keyboard dock that will add a lot of hardware power and functionality. Or maybe Apple might make some of their Macbook Pros in a two piece touch screen convertible form? For the sake of efficiency they probably are waiting to see what direction to move in….What is probably for sure is that we'll have a touchscreen at least the size of iPad 1 from now on.

    What is always a mystery, though, is actually how Apple will integrate all these technologies across their product line. It makes life interesting for those of us who like Apple. Personally, I like the mystery and surprise factor. And sometimes that unfortunately does turn into disappointment.

    For the sake of balance it is important to realize that their is an eternal tension (tug of war) between whats best for business and whats best for the end user….

    Apple continues to bring us amazing products that are (IN COMPARISON) very user friendly. For that I am very grateful and appreciate the way they always keep us with something to look forward to.

    Yeah, it creates a love/hate relationship sometimes….but what relationships don't have their ups and downs.

    I hope the iPad 2 will meet with your approval. If its that great…I'll have to pony up and upgrade too !!

    V/R John

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