Apple iPad 2: Patent Suggests Stylus Technology

Posted on Feb 6 2011 - 4:51pm by Richard Sharp

The past few months have been crammed full of rumours with a fair share of them coming from new or past patents showcasing technology that could feature on the upcoming Apple iPad 2. Back in January a patent showed that Apple have the technology (well the idea at least) to make the iPad 2 thinner and lighter and today’s revelation from Patently Apple suggests that it could be stylus compatible too.

The patent suggests that stylus would allow access to handwriting recognition, drawing and could even be used for gaming. The stylus itself wouldn’t be a standard throw away item either as it would have to contain a conductive tip necessary to replicate the ‘human touch’ required to operate the iPad’s touch screen.

Until now Apple has kept the iPad as a ‘finger touch’ tablet but with this technology it could transform it into a full blown graphics tablet taking on a whole new niche. Imagine being able to use Paint shop or coral draw on the iPad combined with the multi-gesture controls set to come with iOS 4.3, it would be a designers dream.

Do you think there is a need for a stylus on the upcoming iPad 2?

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