Apple iPad 2 Rumoured to be Ready in February 2011

Posted on Dec 8 2010 - 12:26am by Richard Sharp

The closely guarded Apple iPad 2 which has had the blogosphere buzzing over the last few weeks has been reported as being mere months away from launch. Today a company from Taiwan that make components for the worlds most popular tablet has revealed that they have under 100 days to have the first iPad 2’s available for shipment.

A source said to be from Foxconn Electronics has revealed that at least 400,000 units will ship in February in readiness for a predicted launch date of April 2011. When questioned both Apple and Foxconn were unable to comment – no surprise there.

Foxconn is said to be providing an extra 7 million of the current iPad to end a strong 4th quarter, after this number has been manufactured it is predicted that they will switch to making the second incarnation of Apple’s flagship tablet.

A variety of rumours have been circulating on the internet about the iPad 2, it is said the tablet will feature dual-cameras, possibly feature a carbon fibre shell, have at least one USB port and feature a retina display like than on the iPhone 4.

What would you include on the iPad 2?

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