Apple iPad 2 Screen Availability could Delay Release Date

Posted on Mar 1 2011 - 10:12pm by Richard Sharp

The Apple iPad 2 has yet to be launched but if reports are accurate there is already a shortage of the second generation tab. This has refuted claims that the iPad 2 may launch at the same time or at least very close to tomorrows expected unveiling. Bill Shope, an industry expert at Goldman Sachs has blown the whistle informing investors that a shortage of screens could have a knock of affect to the supply chain.

The report didn’t suggest that the iPad 2 isn’t ready, just that it’s not ready in large enough numbers for immediate distribution. Shope said: “It appears that Apple is once again pushing the technology envelope by making the device far thinner than the original iPad, and the iPad 2’s ultra-thin glass screen is generating yield issues.” He added: “This appears to be more of a process problem as opposed to a technology problem, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see volumes ramp fairly quickly as the process improves.”

His prediction supports claims that the iPad 2 will be thinner, no mention was made of other specs but we all know the rumours floating around well enough by now. This is the latest in a long line of speculation that to be honest could just be based on guess work and hearsay – for the full details we will have to wait for the speculated launch event tomorrow, even then we might still be left with questions – this is Apple after all.

We will bring you updates as and when they are released tomorrow.

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