Apple iPad 2 UK Online Wait up to four weeks

Posted on Mar 27 2011 - 4:01pm by Richard Sharp

Apple rolled out the iPad 2 in 25 more countries on Friday 25th March, one of which was the UK. Unlike previous release dates Apple did not allow consumers to pre-order the iPad 2 via their website, instead they held off orders until 1am on Friday morning. It appears that availability of Apples second generation tablet may be running low as waiting times for online orders have shot up to three or four weeks – much like in the states where customers are facing delays of over a month.

This delay will likely lengthen as time progresses so we stick with our earlier advice for people wanting to get their hands on the iPad 2. Order one now and then try and get one in the shops, if you strike it lucky then simply cancel your order online.

Some analysts have suggested that the shortfall has been engineered by Apple to drive up demand, others blame poor planning for the elevated demand. Either way you can’t deny the knock on affect the Japanese earthquake will also have on supplies.

One thing that is certain is that Apple won’t be complaining, they’ve sold out and flooded the Market with iPad 2’s beating competitors to the punch again. Granted many will be waiting for other tablets to be released but Apple will keep the lions share of the tablet market firmly in their grasp.

Have you managed to get hold of an iPad 2 yet? Or will you be ordering online, or simply going for an alternative?

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