Apple iPad 3 and Apple TV Conference Times and Live Blog Streams

Posted on Mar 6 2012 - 7:04pm by Richard Sharp

As you may be aware Apple will hold a press conference on the 7th March to hail the arrival of the iPad 3 and possible release of a brand new Apple Television (which will most likely be coined Apple TV). This means the worlds media and bloggers will descend on Yerba Buena centre in San Francisco.

The general format will remain the same, apart from the notable absence of the late Steve Jobs. Tim Cook will undoubtedly head up the show, probably wearing jeans and a black collared shirt.

Whatever happens you’ll want to follow the action online via the various live blogs and streams. We have a list of the best blogs to follow below and the various times you’ll need to login to follow the Apple iPad 3 press conference.

These are the times that the conference will begin in your timezone, be sure to login a few minutes early to avoid missing the action:

San Francisco (Eastern Time) 11AM

London (GMT) 6PM

Paris 7PM

Tokyo 3AM

Sydney 5AM

New York 1PM

Moscow 10PM

Hong Kong 2AM

Johannesburg 8PM

Where to watch:

Well, not watch but more likely read what’s going on. Our best bet is probably to head on over to one of the powerhouse blogs such as Engadget or Cnet who will both be there. We’ll bring you an update shortly after the event, along with our opinions on what’s gone down.

In the meantime be sure to pass on this page so your techie mates don’t miss out on the Apple press conference wherever they are in the world.

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