Apple iPad 3 Could Use a Samsung AMOLED Display

Posted on May 26 2011 - 4:19pm by Richard Sharp

The Apple iPad 2 has yet to go global and attention is already firmly mounted upon the iPad 3. A couple of weeks ago rumours started circulating about the screen that might be used on the iPad 3, today a report by the The Korean Herald has added to the evidence that Samsung could provide a super AMOLED screen.

The paper suggests that Apples Tim Cook flew to Korea last week to discuss using the new screens on Apple devices, this would make them the first brand in the world to use AMOLED displays on a tablet computer.

Would Samsung sell their crown jewels?

Although Apple has pioneered and used other brands tech exclusively before many feel it unlikely that Samsung would allow Apple to use this cutting edge tech for a number of reasons.

Samsung has their own range of tablets which will also be overhauled in 2012, surely they would want to offer super AMOLED before its competitors? The second reason is the latest legal battle between the two firms, Apple is suing Samsung for patent infringement and Samsung is countersuing, its all rather messy.

There are no friends or enemies in business

A loaded statement I know, but bear with me. Samsung wouldn’t do Apple any favors but at the same time will be closely considering their options, if they refuse to supply Apple they could be cutting off their nose to spite their face, as lets face it, this is big business. Apple will order tens of millions of the screens if the deal comes to fruition, a deal like that is hard to turn down even if you are making it with a rival.

As for rumours of a 2011 debut for the iPad 3, we remain skeptical to say the least.

What do you make of this latest report?

Source: 9 TO 5 Mac

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