Apple iPad 3 to continue tablet market domination

Posted on Jun 27 2011 - 10:18am by Julius

Apple’s tablet market dominance will be prolonged if the iPad 3 is as successful as it predecessors, reports say. According to a research from ComScore, Apple iPads accounted for 89 percent of the worldwide tablet market last month, which is slightly down on last year but impressive all the same. has reported that since spring of 2010, Apple has sold 25 million iPads and that the number of its consumers is huge compared to its rivals.

Some research from IDC showed that in 2010, the Apple iPad held an 87 percent share in the market, which means that its tablet traffic monopoly is not at all surprising.

With the rumored release of the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5 this year, Apple is expected to maintain, if not strengthen, its position.

Apple, is set to sue its rival Samsung over its Galaxy Tab tablets and Galaxy smartphones. Apple claims that both devices resemble the iPad and iPhone in terms of interface and hardware. The company filed a lawsuit in South Korea, Samsung’s home country and the legal battle is set to be fought in the Seoul District Court. Meanwhile, Samsung’s request to see the iPad 3 has been denied by judges dealing with the case as they deemed it an unfair request.

Are you surprised by the dominance of the iPad? And do you use one to surf the internet on a regular basis?

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