Apple iPad to Get Uncensored Playboy App in March

Posted on Jan 19 2011 - 6:22pm by Matt Jackson

Two tweets from the original Playboy Hugh Hefner has revealed that all future and back copies of his magazine will be made available on the Apple iPad seemingly bypassing the App stores stringent rules against anything mildly sexual.

Hefner wrote “Big news! Playboy – both old & new – will be available on iPad beginning March” on his Twitter profile. And when quizzed about the upcoming app Heff said “Playboy on the iPad will be uncensored, Hugh”.

In the past Apple has been very strict in its censoring of apps so the news will come as somewhat of a surprise to many people. In fact in 2010 Apple culled a great deal of apps after various groups of society became offended and concerned over the content people could access on the iPhone and iPod touch, mothers were concerned for their children and women complained that they were being degraded by various apps – interestingly the Playboy iPhone app survived.

Apple did comment on their actions at the time and justified their decision by explaining that Playboy is a recognised format and from ‘a well known company’.

The new app is expected to land in March, possibly after subscription based apps touted to come hand in hand with iOS are released.

What do you think about the Playboy App?

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