Apple iPhone 4 in White Release Date in February 2011

Posted on Jan 19 2011 - 5:13pm by Matt Jackson

The Apple iPhone 4 continues to pull in stupendous amounts of sales despite only being available in one colour – black. To be fair black is the new black when it comes to technology but this hasn’t stopped consumers around the globe from wanting a white iPhone 4 and praying for an official release date.

Well it seems that a listing on the German version of Vodafone’s website might have let the cat out of the bag with the white iPhone 4 expected to be released on February 27th 2011. In fact listings are appearing all over the globe with USA based Best Buy having two listings of the white handset (16GB and 32GB).

There is no solid date for the UK release date yet but all this news has some people scratching their heads wondering why Apple or indeed consumers would stump up the cash for a handset that will be superseded by the iPhone 5 in a matter of months – it’s all very perplexing. You must also consider that the iPhone 4 ideally needs to be in a case to limit ‘death grip’ or simply protect the phone.

Its also worth remembering that listings have been made for the white iPhone 4 before only for Apple to admit the model was not available in white.

Are you looking forward to a white iPhone 4 or would it be wise to sit back and wait for the iPhone 5?

Via: Macrumours forum

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  1. Sheila January 19, 2011 at 7:15 pm - Reply

    I will be willing to wait for iphone 5 if they have a white-colored case of it. Now, what will be the new features for iphone 5?

  2. dogxa January 20, 2011 at 6:14 am - Reply

    One rumor went away, another catch up.Rumors, let him go, I don't care about it any more.But I really want to this phone coming soon, I have waited for a long time. Oh, why the news about white phone always are rumors. I want to get one and an Aneesoft video converter

  3. Stef January 23, 2011 at 9:49 pm - Reply

    Will the iPhone 5 be released in white?? You'd think they'd have sorted the whole 'white problem' for all future models……I certainly hope so. If I can find out for sure the iPhone 5 will also be available in white I will certainly wait a couple of extra months.

  4. arlyparlypooh January 29, 2011 at 8:27 pm - Reply

    I've just taken out my contract and after a long winded fight with the Blackberry Bols 9780 and the IPhone 4, I have decided togo with the Blackberry Bold 9780, I wish I had went for the IPhone 4, Now that I have read reviews more and more!

    Well for my sin's im tied in for 24 months, I'm gona hold out for the IPhone 5 any way's…make's me feel better thinking this… 🙁

    • sockheadbob February 22, 2011 at 11:28 am - Reply

      Hi, you might not know, but you can "upgrade" your 24 month contract after 12 months. This will give you access the the iphone 5 (if it is out by then), but it will restart your 24 month contract.

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