Apple iPhone 5 could Support Smart Bezel Patent

Posted on Apr 7 2011 - 9:01pm by Richard Sharp

The guys over at Patently Apple have been busy in the archives again and this time their findings could possibly relate to the iPhone 5. The patent has given finer detail to the smart bezel which surfaced earlier in the year.

The technology could mean that future iPhones or iPads could do away with buttons and be controlled by gestures and touch instead. The patent shows how Apple plans or at least wants to protect how Smartphone bezels are used in the future, ‘side indicators’, visual indicators and touch sensitive buttons could provide users with the controls instead of traditional buttons.

The patent was actually applied for in 2009 but like most things take a fair while to work their way through the system. The patent details a series of on screen buttons, pressure points on the bezel and other futuristic bits and bobs. It’s all very exciting but like all prior patents there really is no indication on when it might be used, if at all!

Filed back in 2009, the patent, which highlights how a number of on-screen buttons and commands could be ported to touch buttons on the bezel that would be illuminated when available for use and invisible when not, offers a tantalising look at the company’s plans for upcoming iPhone handsets.

T3 speculates that this could be used on the iPhone 5; we’d love this to be true but highly doubt it will feature. These patents are always ahead of their time and we would imagine Apple is merely protecting their idea with a view to using it in the future.

Do you think Apple will use this tech on the iPhone 5?

Source: Patently Apple


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