Apple iPhone 5 Mock Up with Bigger Screen and Separate Flash

Posted on May 15 2011 - 10:00am by Robert

Just what will the iPhone 5 look like? Pretty much like the last generation of an iPhone we suppose, but the rumours and mock ups which are floating around the web might just make us start to think differently.
The latest doctored photos to hit the internet are at and show a bigger screen and the flash in a different place. There is nothing to suggest that this is an official photo but the site releasing it has got a pretty good nose for Apple rumours so it might, just might, be close to the real thing.

Of course this is far from the only iPhone 5 mock up or description in existence and they can’t all be right. However, there are certain elements of the new phone which most people agree on.
For example, the use of cutting edge technology to give a slightly bigger screen is a common theme, as is the revised / removed home button. These two points may not be true at all but the weight of rumours which include them is making most analysts believe that there must be something burning at the bottom of all of that smoke.

iPhone 5 caseThe one thing which seems more or less certain is that the iPhone will be released in August or September of this year, although then again maybe it won’t. In any case, there are bound to be plenty more rumours to sift through before we see the real thing.
What do you expect from the iPhone 5 design and features?

Via: apple insider

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