Apple iPhone 5 or iPad 3 will have Sony 8MP Camera

Posted on Apr 2 2011 - 7:07pm by Richard Sharp

Sony CEO, Sir Howard Stringer has seemingly let the cat out of the bag on behalf of Apple. He has revealed that the Apple iPhone 5 will sport a hugely improved camera, a piece of news that will be music to iPhone users ears but at the same time will have iPad 2 owners asking why a better camera couldn’t be used earlier.

The report was published first on the WSJ; Walt Mossberg published a conversation he had with Sir Stringer at Carnegie Hall. Stringer was talking about the diminished output in their Japanese factories in the aftermath of last months Tsunami.

He explained that any manufacturer who sourced sensors/lenses from the affected factories could expect a delay. And then he mentioned Apple, who up until now hasn’t used Sony sensors in any of their devices. Basically he explained it would affect supply to Apple, he said: It “always puzzles me,” he said. “Why would I make Apple the best camera?”

What isn’t clear is which device the lens would be for; many are speculating it would be for the iPhone 5 as Apple has reportedly dropped their current supplier. The definition of the ‘best’ camera is causing a great deal of speculation across the web, The Street are predicting an 8 megapixel camera and who’s to argue? They predicted that the iPhone 4 would come with a 5MP camera and it did.

Alternatively the camera components could even be iPad 3 bound, many techies still believe we could see the third iPad in 2011, although we’d stump for spring 2012 – not discounting the possibility of an earlier iPad mini to contend with smaller tablets.

There is also a possibility the Sony sensors could be iPod touch bound, the annual refresh is due in September which would put the timeframe just in range.

Which devices would you like to see get the Sony camera treatment?

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