Apple iPhone 5 out this summer but not with iOS 5?

Posted on Mar 27 2011 - 6:13pm by Richard Sharp

A recent report by Techcrunch has speculated that Apple will not role out the iPhone 5 until summer and when they do it probably won’t come with the hotly anticipated iOS 5 but a variant of iOS 4, perhaps 4.4. The latest rumours actually suggest that iOS 5 will not be released until Autumn 2011 although it will probably be unveiled during Apples annual WWDC conference with a roll out to developers shortly after.

iOS for iPad 3?

This is very different from previous years where Apple unveiled their new iOS in Spring so developers had time to tinker ahead of the summer release of the new iPhone. This has caused more speculation that Apple are actually preparing iOS 5 for a new iPad – yes the iPad 3 could be on the cards later this year although it will probably be a new addition to the line up rather than a direct replacement of the iPad 2 (iPad mini anyone?).

Still time for a summer release

Although TC say they have two sources to point to an Autumn release of iOS 5 it doesn’t mean they are right. Apple could still unveil it in the next few weeks in readiness for the iPhone 5 in the summer. In contrast they might choose to hold off releasing the iPhone 5 until September (unlikely).

It’s expected that iOS 5 will see a major overhaul on how things work, it could rely heavily on the cloud and is speculated to include a ‘music locker’, an online vault that can be accessed over the multitude of Apple devices in the home. Apple is also expected to use the power of the cloud to enable a ‘find my friends’ feature, for full details we will just have to wait and see what Apple has up their sleeve.
Source: Tech Crunch

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