Apple iPhone 5 Production Begins July with September Release Date

Posted on Apr 20 2011 - 3:49pm by Richard Sharp

Over the past couple of days speculation surrounding the Apple iPhone 5, namely its release date has really started to hot up. A glut of articles were posted all over the internet yesterday about a possible October release date which has now been overturned by an article from the news group Reuters.

They say that someone who is very close to the matter has informed them that the iPhone 5 will go into production in July; this is a month later than many predicted the phone would be on sale let alone being put into production. This could provide a knock on effect to other Apple product releases as the firm would effectively be on catch up as the usual release date for the iPhone is June.

If these ‘sources close to the matter’ are correct then the iPhone 5 wouldn’t go on sale in the US until September which would probably mean an October rollout in the UK although this is not certain due to the natural disaster in Japan, suppliers simply can’t cope with the shortfall in components and this will undoubtedly include Apple.

Some might argue that this shortfall in components is the reason that the production date has been pushed back in the first place; it’s no secret that the iPad 2 has increased demand for components including the new A5 chip which is rumoured to be destined for the iPhone 5. Apple will want to service demand for the iPad 2 before even thinking about any new product releases, this could be the reason for a later release date.

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