Apple launches Mac OS X Lion USB installers

Posted on Aug 17 2011 - 1:52pm by Thomas Sharp

Apple has started selling Lion OS x on a USB thumb drive for £55 ($69), more than twice the price of the downloaded version.

The USB flash drive contains the installer for Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.7, also known as Lion, and is targeted to users who don’t have broadband internet connections.

The Mac OS X Lion, which was released last June 20, is being sold primarily on the Mac App Store as a £20.99 ($29.99) digital download. Its file size is approximately 3.7 GB.

Even before its release last month, some Apple users asked how they were going to download the new OS without access to a fast internet connection. Apple suggested that they use their nearest Apple Store’s free Wi-Fi network.

According to the company, its Mac computers that upgraded to Lion using the USB thumb drive cannot be restored in emergencies via the usual recovery partition, but must reuse the USB drive to reinstall the OS.

Since unusual circumstances like upgrading from OS X Tiger and Snow Leopard to Lion (without an internet connection) makes it difficult for users, Apple launches its Lion thumb drive to get the job done.

For those users who want to save money and have an OS X Lion installer on physical media, like a DVD or a thumb drive, numerous sources, like Mac World and LifeHacker, have instructions that are available.


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