Apple loses another iPhone prototype

Posted on Sep 1 2011 - 8:48pm by Thomas Sharp

An Apple employee has ‘lost’ another one of Apple’s iPhone 5 prototypes in a bar, in a bizarre repeat of an incident that happened last year. The device, which is supposedly a prototype of the iPhone 5, is still out in the wild.

The lost iPhone, which was found in a bar in San Francisco, was placed on sale on Craigslist for $200. The ad listing did not detail the technical specs of the smartphone, if the new iOS 5 was loaded or what it looked like.

The San Francisco Police Department and Apple managed to find the mobile phone using the “Find My Phone” feature, a GPS tracking app pre-installed on all fourth-generation iPhone 4s. The phone was then tracked down to a man who got the phone from Cava 22, a bar in San Francisco’s Mission district. The police did not find anything after searching his apartment, even after employees from Apple “offered the man money for the phone no questions asked.”

According to CNET, just a few days after the device was reported to be lost, Apple representatives quickly contacted the San Francisco police. The representatives claimed that the device was priceless and they were desperately hoping to have it returned safely back to 1 Infinite Loop.

The company usually offers testing programs by allowing a number of employees to take prototypes of their devices. This aims to see how the devices perform in environments outside of their laboratories. When CNET contacted the owner of the bar, he jokingly said, “I guess I have to make my drinks a little less strong.”


via: CNET

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