Apple Maps App Causes Alaskan Runway Problems

Posted on Oct 3 2013 - 6:22pm by Paul

Apple Maps is a useful way of making sure that you get around quickly and safely. Unless you end up on an airport runway in Alaska, that is.

The issue is that a problem with the app has been telling drivers to go along the taxiway at Fairbanks International Airport. Staff from the airport confirmed to the Alaska Dispatch newspaper that in the space of three week two drivers have followed the instructions from Apple but then carried on past various signs and warnings and ended up one of the airport’s runways.  Now, they have had to close the access route which drivers were taking, to stop it happening again.

Route No Longer Available

alaskIt has been reported that bosses at the airport first got in touch with Apple through the local attorney general’s office after the initial incident and asked them to take down the Fairbanks maps until it was fixed.

The app didn’t tell people to go onto the runway but the confusion caused by the directions it gives has led to Apple bringing out a short term solution which simply tells motorists that the route description isn’t available.

In addition to this, the Airport now has barricades put up to block anyone who goes along the taxiway according the old details which Apple had on their app.

This isn’t the first time problems have occurred since Apple got rid of the Google Maps services on its devices. Dublin Airport got moved miles away from its true location and tourists in Australia got lost in a national park through following bad directions.

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