Apple may release the iPhone 5 or 4S in 2012

Posted on Jun 30 2011 - 4:19pm by Julius

Apple will not be launching the new iPhone 5 or the rumored “baby” iPhone 4S that the company was supposedly developing until 2012, according to talks on Wall Street.

BMO Capital Market’s Keith Bachman told his clients “We believe the iPhone 5 will launch in mid-2012,” which leads other people to believe that a new version of the iPhone 4, which the press dubbed as the ‘iPhone 4S’ will have an autumn release date instead.

This report contradicts a huge number of rumors pointing to a September iPhone 5 release date, which compliments Mike Abramsky of RBC’s sentiments.

In a note to clients, Abramsky wrote that he thinks Apple will be reducing the price of iPhones in order to convert more users. He thinks that the company will sell the iPhone 4 for a lower price and make the iPhone 3GS carrier-subsidized. If the iPhone 5 release date occur in September, its price will be at around £120 to £180.

Furthermore, Mike Abramsky thinks that the cheaper version of the iPhone 4 won’t be launched until 2012.

In 2009, Apple launched its iPhone 3GS to stop the gap between 2008’s iPhone 3G and 2010’s iPhone 4. Despite not having a lot of upgrades, it didn’t stop the companty from selling a million iPhone 3GS smartphones in its opening week.

Further, the processors of older iPhones may not optimize the software upgrades that Apple plans to release this autumn, like the iCloud locker and the iOS 5.

Will consumers go for a smaller iPhone 4S if a more powerful iPhone 5 will be released half a year later?

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