Apple Order 2 Million iPad 3 Units for 2012 Release Date

Posted on Nov 3 2011 - 11:08pm by Richard Sharp

2012 is set to a big year for Apple, much bigger than 2011 if reports from DigiTimes are accurate. They feel that 2012 will hail a new iMac lineup, new MacBook Air’s, the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. And to be honest that’s not all that surprising and certainly isn’t a bombshell.

Until now the arrival of the all new Apple lineup was hearsay but DT have a source which suggests Apple has already ordered 2 million iPad 3 units. Now, this isn’t a massive number when you consider how many iPad 2 units were sold during launch week, but is interesting because they want before 2011 is out.

Apparently Apple has also demanded that all the necessary components for the iPad 3 must be ready by the end of 2011. This is on top of the 2 million complete units which should hopefully allow them to keep up with demand when it launches in 2012.

Apple obviously don’t want the same supply chain problems as the iPad 2 which saw demand outstripping supply for months on end. Apple CFO practically admitted as much in a recent statement, he said “We sold every iPad 2 we could make”.

Recent reports also suggest that Apple has been sourcing new manufacturers for display panels and other components. Both Wintek and TPK Holdings will be manufacturing panels for the iPad 3 and are expected to start shipping components within the next few weeks.

So it appears that the iPad 3 will be released in 2012, probably at the end of Q1 to coincide with Apple’s annual release date schedule for the iPad.

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