Apple orders 15 million new “iPhone 5s”

Posted on Jul 5 2011 - 1:14pm by Robert

If Apple is intending to ship its new iPhone 5 in September, which is less than two months away, it has to drastically increase its rate of production in the coming weeks. Apparently, it is exactly what Apple is doing and reports say that the company has placed an order with Pegatron Technology for 15 million units of iPhones.

Although this new mobile phone is said to be the iPhone 5, the overall design is meant to be similar to the iPhone 4. From all the rumors online that we’ve encountered these past few months, this could mean that the smartphone they ordered is the iPhone 4S, but will carry the iPhone 5 name.

Pegatron is a Taiwan-based company responsible for manufacturing four million CDMA iPhone 4s at the turn of the year. After the company lost its orders from Asustek Computer, it is currently working to land orders from Acer. Laptop orders have been recently reduced because it seems that tablets are becoming a popular alternative.

The A5 processor is expected to power the product, and it could possibly feature a larger edge-to-edge display. Reports also say that the antenna will be redesigned (to avoid the antenna failure seen on the iPhone 4) and the device will ship running iOS 5.

Pegatron declined to comment about its cooperation with Apple and its other clients.

Are we finally going to see a new iPhone this September?

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