Apple promises future of iOS at WWDC 2011 but no iPhone 5

Posted on Mar 28 2011 - 7:04pm by Robert

Yesterday a report suggested that this years Apple WWDC may not include any hardware, in other words no iPhone 5. Today the California based company has opened registration for this years WWDC with strong mentions of iOS and OSx developments but no mention of hardware.

The conference will bring together creative minds between 6th June 2011 and 9th June at the Moscone West Centre, San Francisco. Developers will have to fork out $1,599 (£998) just for a ticket with sessions with folks from Apple to include keynote speeches from the head honchos at Apple, last year Steve Jobs and co took to the stage to unveil the iPhone 4. This year a new iPhone unveiling is looking less likely as the blurb from invitation emails and the WWDC page focus heavily of the ‘future of iOS and OSx’.

Phillip Schiller said: “If you are an iOS or Mac OS X software developer, this is the event that you do not want to miss.” whilst the actual page screams software and is heavily focused on developers, I guess they have to supply value for money when tickets are so expensive.

This certainly supports rumours that the iPhone 5 will not come out in the summer or perhaps even at all in 2011, it is after all the ‘year of the tablet’ and not the year of the mobile phone.

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