Apple Says No to NFC For The iPhone 5 at Least

Posted on Mar 14 2011 - 11:00pm by Matt Jackson

It seems the Apple iPhone 5 will not come with wireless payment technology despite strong signals to suggest it would come equipped with Near Field Communication. Apple has taken the decision to hold off using the technology because they feel there is ‘a lack of clear standard across the industry’.

They told The Independent Newspaper that the iPhone 5 will not include NFC or indeed any method of paying for merchandise or services directly with the phone. However one interesting snippet suggested that Apple is in the process of developing their own payment system which sounds typically Apple – when they see something substandard they tend to come in with a ‘you’ve tried the rest, now try the best’ attitude.

Apple has sourced some of the best talent to spearhead the project including Benjamin Vigier who previously led projects involving mobiles wallets and NFC technology. This certainly proves they are looking into using the technology but frustratingly gives little indication on when it will come into service. Their saving grace is that NFC is still a relatively new technology, especially in the US and Europe so even though Android already include NFC on the Nexus S Apple still has time to make up ground.

If the iPhone 5 doesn’t come equipped with NFC then the most logical timeline would be 2012, yes we are already talking about the iPhone 6!

Do you think Apple needs to include NFC on the iPhone 5?

Source: Independent

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