Apple Smartwatch Collection Finally Unveiled

Posted on Mar 12 2015 - 8:48pm by Robert

Well, that´s the long-awaited Apple smartwatch collection finally unveiled. So what can we expect from these new gadgets and do we really want one?

To start with, let’s look at the prices of these new watches. They run from £299 up to £13,000, which is a massive price difference between the least expensive and the most costly.

In terms of the different sized models, there are 1.5 inch and 1.7 inch versions, with the large ones costing about £30 more than the smaller ones.

The metal used in the construction of the gadgets also pays a big part in the pricing of the different models. For example, the stainless steel versions come in the middle of the overall price range and run from £479 to £949.

38 Models in Total


There are 38 models in total, with this total including the basic Sport brand aluminium watches. The number of different models might make it difficult for consumers to find the ideal one for them, although Apple has said that people can try on the different watches in their stores.

The highest priced watches are gold cased, although no announcement has been made of the difference in specifications between the different models. It is possible that the more expensive ones have more storage or some extra features, rather than just a better look.

The word from Apple chief executive Tim Cook is that a fully charged watch will give the wearer 18 hours worth of use before needing recharged. Charging takes 2 and a half hours.

The release date for the smartwatches has been given out as the 24th of April. The Apple website will also allow pre-ordering from the 10th of April onwards.

Do you want an Apple smartwatch?

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