Apple talking to media execs about future TV plans

Posted on Dec 27 2011 - 2:51pm by Robert

Following the ambitions of the late Steve Jobs, Apple is now moving forward with its plans on taking on television, according to reports.

A number of reports say that people from the Cupertino tech giant have been holding meetings with media executives, sharing the company’s vision for the television’s future. Reports also say that Apple is open to the possibility of storing TV content in the iCloud.

In meetings with media executives, Apple executives, including SVP Eddie Cue, was said to have outlined ways that the company’s technology could recognize users via tablets, phones and TVs. In one meeting, it was reported that TVs that respond to users’ movements and voices were described by Apple. It noted that such technology, which will take longer to develop, may enable users to use their voice to change channels or search for shows.

“The TV device Apple is working on would use a version of Apple’s wireless-streaming technology AirPlay to allow users to control it from iPhones and iPads, according to people briefed on the matter,” read the report by the Wall Street Journal. “When the company plans to start selling such a device and whether it would receive traditional broadcast or cable signals remains unclear, said these people, who say Apple may change its plans.”

If Apple pushes through with its iTV device, it would mean that the company’s ambition has matured from being just a hobby. In September 2010, Apple launched its Apple TV set top box, with Steve Jobs calling it one of his hobbies. In December of the same year, the company said that it has sold 1 million Apple TV units.


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