Apple to unveil 3G-enabled iPod Touch this September

Posted on Jul 11 2011 - 10:54am by Julius

Reports say that a 3G-enabled iPod Touch could soon launched, which will bring the popular media player a step closer to become a full-featured phone. A report from the Dutch tech site Apple Spot claims that this September, Apple will be introducing a iPod Touch that will feature a 3G antenna.

The report said that in order to get 3G connectivity to your iPod Touch, all you need to do is to purchase a new SIM card from a chosen provider and snap the card into the back of the iPod Touch, just like what you do on a regular phone.

The report, translated in English by a reader of 9 to 5 Mac, said: “It will work just like the iPad; you get a 3G enabled SIM card from your provider and put that in you iPod Touch. Apple’s choice of bringing 3G to the iPod Touch isn’t all that weird, if it’s true of course. Question remains how the providers will react to this, since the use of for example Skype will skyrocket.”

Some reporters say that the rumor is unlikely to be true since the website did not cite its sources, it would surely also pose too much competition to the iPhone 5, which is also tipped for a September release date.

The 3G iPod Touch may sound great for regular consumers, but carriers are probably having problems now just by thinking about it. Not only will they lose money from consumers who are willing to ditch their smartphones for the new iPod Touch, they will also have to deal with a massive increase in data.

Is it a good idea for Apple to release an iPod Touch with 3G capabilities?


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